Bonsound Promo is a communications agency that works closely with artists deserving a wider visibility within the Canadian music scene, but more specifically within Quebec's music scene. It is with determination and enthusiasm that our team takes on every new project! Whether the artist we are working for is up-and-coming or already established, our implication towards their career and our dedication to make them radiate on the media field are always the same. Our consistency, our originality and our respect for our numerous partners in the industry made our team one of the leading choices in the music industry in Quebec.

Quebec is a big market, different from the rest of Canada, with a potential that often remains unexploited and ignored. Quebecois are known to consume a lot of culture and they represent a third of the Canadian market. That is why it is essential to have a team who understands Quebec's music industry very well.


Bonsound Promo specializes first and foremost in publicity in the province of Quebec. Whether it's for an album launch, a one-off show or a complete tour, we can help artists make themselves known and heard thanks to our numerous media contacts (magazines, newspapers, television shows, web and commercial, college and community radio stations). In addition, our web tools (Facebook, Twitter, website and Bonsound newsletter) assure that artists will get great exposure on all social media platforms. It is also possible to hire us for the whole Canadian territory.

Please contact us and we will gladly offer you a proposal and a fair price

Publicity (Quebec, Canada)
- Consultation in order to find your market, your media potential
- Official publicist for artists or public personality
- Press relations for events, album launch, artists
- Press relations for promotional tours across the province, the country

Social networks
- Consultation to target your needs for the web
- Creation of social networking Tools on the most popular platforms
- Spreading of content through Bonsound Promo’s social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and those created for the client
- Spreading of content through Bonsound’s weekly newsletter

Writing/Translating (French/English)
- For press release, biography, press conference and much more.


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Our originality and our work ethic come from Bonsound’s general mindset. Bonsound was created to answer an urgent need from emerging artists who couldn’t find their place in Quebec's musical landscape; small companies willing to help them out didn’t exist back then. We still take our dedication to help the emerging crowd very much at heart, but it doesn’t stop us from working with more notable artists who enjoy our image and our hard work. One of our great strengths is set in our doggedness in keeping up to date with the latest technologies and new communication tools. We have a strong presence on the web as well as on all of the social networks. Having us work on a traditional press relations campaign therefore insures that your project will be seen and heard on the web.

Artists who hire us do it because they know they will get great media coverage. Knowing that the province of Quebec is a special francophone niche, we strongly encourage artists to understand the importance of having a team on the ground that speaks the language and knows the people in the industry. Since the very start, we have obtained an impressive media coverage in Quebec for many anglophone artists and, therefore, giving them the opportunity to gain some notoriety on a predominantly francophone territory.