For immediate releaseMontreal, April 16, 2015

As the release of his album approaches, Boogat unveils a short film that oozes morbid sensuality for his song Me Muero Por Ti (transl: I am dying for you). Directed by the exuberant Mexican-native Mariano Franco, the video tackles the idea of love beyond death by drawing on the rich universe of Latin American magical realism, and includes a few nods to latino pop culture, as well as to the works of Garcia Marquez and Jodorowski.

Combining the aesthetics of Spanish reggae with those of cumbia and modern pop, the song radiates a gentle sweetness thanks to the wonderful horn arrangements. The nonchalant ballad is about profound and eternal love, achievable only through total commitment and implicit sacrifice. It’s when one’s vulnerability is revealed to the other, when we put ourselves completely at the other’s mercy, explains Boogat.

Mu Muero Por Ti is the second single from Neo-Reconquista, Boogat’s new album to be released on May 4th via Maisonnette.

Don’t miss his album launch show in Montreal on Tuesday, May 5th at Théâtre Fairmount! Boogat will also be performing in Ottawa on May 22nd at the NAC Fourth Stage and at the Festival d'été de Québec on July 13th.

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